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About Us

Brainkeg Online Educational Consultancy Services is a business registered in Quezon City, Philippines that provides asynchronous online courses to help professionals upskill or shift their careers to another profession or another industry.

Gone are the simple days when all you need is to obtain your degree, get a job, and stay in one company for your entire life. Now, you need to constantly learn new skills and be on top of your game to increase your income, get a promotion, or move to a more lucrative industry.

At Brainkeg, we aim to provide high-quality online courses at affordable prices. Our courses are in the form of asynchronous elearning. You can take them whenever it is convenient for you. You can even put a halt in a course that you are taking, and then later continue where you left off once you’re less busy.

Please take a look at our courses and see if you find anything interesting. There are courses that you can take for free, and there are others that require payment. We have few courses for now but we are growing and the number of courses we provide will surely increase in the next few months.