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Terms and Conditions

I. Introduction

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of this website. It is a binding agreement between you (hereinafter referred to as User) and Brainkeg Online Educational Consultancy Services (hereinafter referred to as Brainkeg). Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully. By signing up to this website, the User agrees to be bound by these Terms and Conditions.

II. Policy Updates

Brainkeg reserves, and from time to time, may exercise the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. By continuing to log in and use this website, the User agrees to be bound by the revisions in these Terms and Conditions.

Brainkeg will do its best to send the User a prior notice every time there is a change in the policy, what these changes are, and the effectivity date of these changes. However, the policy changes will still take effect even if the User did not receive any notice.

III. Using Brainkeg Website

The User agrees to use the website in a manner that is according to local and international laws, and Brainkeg’s intended use:

  1. User may not use the website in a manner that violates any local, national, or international laws.
  2. User may not download course materials, except those that must be downloaded as part of a learning activity such as, but not limited to, worksheets and exercise files, without prior written consent from Brainkeg.
  3. User may not redistribute course materials without prior written consent from Brainkeg.
  4. User agrees to treat other users, instructors, employees, and consultants with respect as an equal. Harassment, bullying, and degrading comments about racial, national, or ethnic identity; religion; culture; sex, sexual orientation, or gender identity; disability status; and age will not be tolerated.

IV. Limited Liability

The content of course materials in Brainkeg is provided as is without any guarantees of its accuracy. The developers and consultants of Brainkeg did their best to verify the accuracy of its sources and present the course materials in a manner that is easy to understand and with a low chance of misinterpretation.

Thus, the User agrees that Brainkeg will not be held liable for any of the following that might arise from the use of this website:

  1. Loss or damages incurred by the User from the use of this website
  2. Loss or damages from any bugs or faults in Brainkeg’s systems or tools
  3. Use of incorrect or scientifically unsound information, especially ones that are valid at the time the course was first published but was subsequently debunked
  4. Failure to obtain an increase in productivity, revenue or savings by following what the User learned from this website
  5. Wasted working hours

The maximum that Brainkeg agrees to pay for any loss or damage from taking a course is reimbursement of the User’s payment, which shall apply only to ongoing courses and shall be determined by Brainkeg on a case-to-case basis.

V. Termination

Brainkeg, at its discretion, may deactivate the User’s account and access to the website services at any time for any reason.

If Brainkeg cannot provide a reason, or the reason is due to Brainkeg’s fault (e.g., deleted account by mistake or due to technical glitches), the User agrees that Brainkeg will reimburse only the payment for ongoing courses. Brainkeg will not reimburse payment for finished or expired courses, and no other additional monetary consideration will be given to the User.

No reimbursement or any monetary consideration will be given to the User if the termination of the account is due to a violation of the Terms and Conditions.

The User may delete their account by sending us an email at from the email account used in registration.